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Port of Gold Beach
Fishing Schedule:
Winter Steelhead: December ~ March

Spring Salmon:
March ~ June

Fall Salmon:
July ~ October

Silver Salmon: September ~ October

May ~ June

Ocean Bottom Fishing:
Mid March ~ September





























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Five Star Fishing Report:

10/10/2016 1:43:01 PM


We finished the season trolling the bay and it was good action for three to six fish on and jumping with other bites and chances per morning. It was 99% Silvers with a 20/25% keepable ratio. Up river dark salmon in the holes and half pounders in the riffles. Jeff will start steelhead fishing in January and Karen and I will be in Kona off and on through April. Let us know if any of that might work for you and we'll work out details. Until then, thanks for fishing and/or trying this season and Happy Holiday's when they arrive.

10/3/2016 10:26:16 AM


It's a wrap with Saturday and Sunday a bust on the ocean due to a south wind and front. No more ocean for 2016. We did get out three times through the week for the regular deal of limits - limits - limits and so on. That was nice but overall a very very tough season due to ocean conditions. Worlds record wind! The bay was good to red hot with salmon and Silvers biting in the morning and sometimes through the day. Jeff had two days up river fly fishing for half pounders with exellent action above Agness. They don't bite the old standby's - Juicy Bugs, Red Ants and Golden Demons any more. Who knows how or why but it was Nymph style flies with bead heads, Bitch Creek and Copper John kinds of stuff still swinging and drifting. Why would they change? It's not like they ever saw a Juicy Bug before. Go figure. Fishing I guess. One more report next week for the end of our season.

9/26/2016 11:33:37 AM


Gosh, we got to go ocean fishing one day last week. What a development! A flat bar but a rising south wind and incomi9ng front made for some concern so we didn't go far. Luckily the fish were where we stopped and were biting. Full limits of Lings and rock fish with color. Done one hour early with all the crab we needed. But it was short lived with a big swell the next two mornings so it was back on the beach. The bay was a hot bite one day and really slow the next with a few fair days. A few Silvers but mostly Chinooks with several pushing 30lbs. Up river was tough with low water and moss. One more week to try to get in some ocean trips while we'll do the bay/river through mid October.




Contact: Mark Lottis
Toll Free: 888-301-6480
Ph: 541-247-0217
Port of Gold Beach / Gold Beach, OR 97444


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