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Port of Gold Beach
Fishing Schedule:
Winter Steelhead: December ~ March

Spring Salmon:
March ~ June

Fall Salmon:
July ~ October

Silver Salmon: September ~ October

May ~ June

Ocean Bottom Fishing:
Mid March ~ September





























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Five Star Fishing Report:

5/29/2017 10:33:03 AM


Wind was the deal through the week until Friday. After waiting for it to lay down we got in a quick trip for limits of Lings and rock fish in an hour and a half plus twelve crab. Saturday was a grease ocean and a wide open bite with boats done by 10:00. It was so nice Jeff took off and went halibut fishing off Frank Port and dropped in on a bunch and caught five with others on in only a couple of hours. What a surprise! They were hoping for one or two at the most. Sunday was a ditto except not a single halibut. Where did they go??? More ocean and some river salmon this week.

5/22/2017 1:30:07 PM


We go to halibut fish on Thursday which was nice on a good ocean and decent drift. It wasn't red hot but we did catch five with other chances so it was better than nothing. Friday was back to bottom fish with the small Ling Cod biting so good that we had to move so we could try for rock fish. Saturday the wind blew and kept us off. Sunday it was barely doable so Jeff took a group of guys who said the could tough it out and they did for limits but said later they wished they had listened to Jeff's advice. River salmon was good for some and a bust for other through the week. Crummy forecast next week - hope they're wrong!

5/17/2017 3:31:37 PM


Hope it's not bad luck to be late on the first report of the season. We've been back over a week and getting settled in for the summer. Both ocean boats are in the water and we have run a couple of trips with excellent fishing and catching. Crabs are fair at best but not a surprise for this time of year. We have halibut days this week and bottom fishing. River salmon has been fair to good but a low hatchery return so most fish are released. Will be on the Monday report now through the summer.




Contact: Mark Lottis
Toll Free: 888-301-6480
Ph: 541-247-0217
Port of Gold Beach / Gold Beach, OR 97444


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