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Five Star Fishing Report:

7/21/2014 10:17:31 AM


The wind came back on Monday but we got the trip in on a marginal ocean but decent fishing. We got two more days in through the week when fog and a kickback pushed out the wind for the morning. Wednesday there was a very good bite on the bay with two to four fish per boat if you were lucky. I was and one fish we caught was 42lbs. The biggest this year so far in the bay. Jeff was three for four the next day. More and more fish are showing up every day with the bite on and off through Sunday. Great ocean forecast Monday through Wednesday and we will try a mix of ocean salmon and bottom fish until we can't then fill in with bay trolling. Lots and lots of steelhead staging in the bay is a good sign for later up river.

7/14/2014 2:53:19 PM


The wind blew until Thursday morning and let up just enough for a marginal tip. Six people wanted to go so we did. Five of the six wished they hadn't but the sixth person and I fished for a fair catch. Wind and current from the same direction made for tough conditions not to mention a washing machine ocean. Friday it was a whole lot different ocean and both boats were done with full limits of Lings, rock fish with color and crab. Saturday it was as nice as it gets and Travis Rutz with son Lane, Grandpa Jerry and buddy Frank all from Prineville who have fished with us for over ten years came for a halibut make-up day that didn't work back in May. We started with a salmon troll and had a 25 pounder on before we got all the gear in the water. Nice! For the next two and a half hours it was fish on with singles to triples that ended up with six Chinooks, six Silvers with one keeper and other fish hooked and lost. It was quite the action. We then went to Lingcod and rock fish and were back to the dock with limits and twenty crab by 2:00. Sunday the ocean was good, not super as the day before with the same crew. We started in on the salmon but no takers. The water had warmed up so we went off shore and found a temperature brake and there they were. We put three in the box at once and through the morning back and forth over the rip tide we ended up with three Chinooks and nine Silvers with multiple fish and bites that didn't stick. At 11:00 it was off to the Ling hole and that took about an hour and a half with a bonus of a 45lb. Halibut landed by Lane after a knock down drag out fight on a salmon rig. A tote of Black rock fish and crab finished the day at 2:30. These guys have fished with us a lot and have seen the good the bad and the ugly and know the you can't believe it. Thanks guys for coming to go!!! Jeff fished the bay through the week for a fish each day which was a lot better than most. Saturday the fish left and we will wait for another batch. Ocean fishing for bottom is the deal for the next week with wind in the fore cast. Hope they're wrong. HAWAII REPORT: A tropical depression west of Hawaii put the fish off there through the week. An occasional Marlin, Tuna and Ono was hooked. As the moon phase changes and the front moves the bite should pick up. For future plans the moon phase is a definite consideration in plans for a fishing trip to Kona.

7/7/2014 10:55:45 AM


Jeff fished multiple days when Karen and I were gone and had very good fishing. We got back to fish the 4th of July on a very nice ocean which doesn't happen very often. It's usually blowing your ears off on the 4th in Gold Beach. It was even nicer the next day and the fish were biting. Ling limits by 8:30 then off to Blacks on spin gear plus ten more Lings that were released from 10 to 12lbs. Lings on spin gear is a lot of fish. We also had the best day ever on Cabezon. We had been throwing them back until July 1st but they were biting and we got to keep seven for the two boats. All were on spin gear with several 8 to 10lbs. Dandy's! Sunday it was so calm and with no drift the bite started off slow but picked up through the morning as did the current to finish up with limits of all and twelve crabs for each boat to top it off. When we picked up the pots there were four Gray Whales in twenty feet of water that swam around the boat fifty feed away for fifteen minutes until we drove away. That was something. Forecasted wind for next week doesn't look good. Hope their wrong!!! HAWAII REPORT: Our trip to Kona was great. The first day we fished we caught a nice Spear Fish which is in the bill fish family. They have the body shape of a Ono with a big dorsal fin half the size of a sail fish and a short fat will about seven to eight inches long. They jump a couple of times early then run off a hundred yards or so then dive deep. They are a nice fight on 40lb. gear. They run 25-45lbs. and are really good eating. We let this one go as we had been given some Ono the day we got there. We then went south 35miles and spent three days and two nights on the boat. Lots of jumping Tuna to 200lbs. but they would not bite. We tried everything. It was as frustrating as at home when the bay is full of jumping Salmon. We did catch some nice Snapper and Goat fish for dinner. The boat worked great and was very comfortable to spend the night anchored in a little bay with wild goats looking at us. When we got back to Kona I ran a charter with Bob Mahone from Klamath Falls who was there with Brian, his friend and their wives and family. We started with a troll for Ono and got one and missed another then trolled through jumping Tuna to snorkel at Captain Cook. We missed two more strikes - rats. Everyone jumped in for a great swim and snorkel and then we ran back home. We are working on a web page with info and pictures of the Hawaii deal and will get you know when it's up and running.




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