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Five Star Fishing Report:

12/15/2014 11:37:17 AM


We are all back in Gold Beach from North Dakota and other destinations. Had a great time with the family as the grandkids get older it's fun to have them involved in the hunting and all that goes with it like scouting, building blinds, working on decoys, etc, etc. In some aspects more fun than the hunting itself. We started on boat maintenance this week and plan to have that done mid January. Fishing on the Rogue is just getting going for steelhead and will only get better. Salmon on the Elk and Sixes has been good and will still have fish through the month. We will start bottom fishing May 1st. HAWAII REPORT: Some Ono and Mahi Mahi in action in Kona with the Stripers and Spearfish typically showing up mid to late January. Call to talk about any or all fishing or goose hunting in late February and March. Happy Holidays from the Lottis' P.S. Reports as we have things to talk about and fishing we get to do or know about.

12/15/2014 11:30:18 AM



10/6/2014 2:03:01 PM


Jeff finished up the season in a dandy bottom fish trip with full limits of the works and a nice mix of color. Since it was the last trip he picked up all of the crab pots for a double bonus of crab for everyone. We even got some for ourselves and it was good! I was up at Port Orford on the survey of the Marine Reserve - your tax dollars at work. At least you can say you know somebody that's on the dole. Nice huh. We then cleaned and put the boats up for the season. It took us two and a half days. Jeff then left for Nevada on a buck hunt that he got a surprise draw on. I loaded for North Dakota and Colorado. I snuck up river one morning for two steelhead and a jumbo jack that we had smoked to take back east with us. We will all be back the first week of December to start steelhead fishing. Next report then and when we have something to report. Thanks to all for fishing with us and making it a good season!!!!




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