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Five Star Fishing Report:

9/15/2014 10:47:16 AM


Jeff spent the week up river and it was some really good fishing. Salmon, Jacks, Steelhead and Half Pounders all in the same day on some. It slowed some at the end as the river level dropped but still plenty good. The bay was medium to ret hot changing from day to day but kept it worth showing up and going. A rough ocean on Tuesday and Wednesday mat that a bust but Thursday through Sunday it was pancake with limits of all. Friday in particular was wide open as we did a commercial trip and caught 125 Blacks for three fishers in two hours. They were biting!!!! This is a short week so next report September 27th or so.

9/8/2014 11:35:43 AM


A rough ocean early in the week was made easy to take as the bay was smoking wide open. Tuesday morning it started and by Thursday boats were done with limits by 9:00am with other on and running. Friday it slowed marginally as it took until early afternoon to get four to five fish with Jacks for a bonus. It held up good through the weekend to make the best stretch of the year and for the last several as well. Up river was also happening either anchored or side drifting. The ocean calmed down on Friday for a OK bite but peaked out on Saturday and Sunday for full limits with lots of color. In fact Jeff caught fifteen Vermillion not to mention Coppers and Quills one day. A mix of both ocean and bay/river will keep it interesting this week.

9/1/2014 10:45:28 AM


We got back to the ocean on Monday and fished through the week with good solid results on a fair to super nice ocean. It was limits for the most part and enough color to keep it interesting. The bay was red hot to cold with no pattern from day to day so go figure. Bay trolling at it's best. You've just got to go and put in your time. We have it all this next week with ocean, bay and river and friends visiting from North Dakota. So hope we get to do some of all with them and customers trips that are booked.




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