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Five Star Fishing Report:

2/20/2015 1:26:16 PM


We had a great trip to Kona. Spent one week on engine tune up and service which was good for a lot of reasons. We spent the balance fishing and more boat work. The fishing highlights were a one hour battle with a 12' Tiger Shark before he left which was just fine, a 30lb. Mahi on light tackle and a Africian Pompino and a Thread Fin Trevally or Mirror Fish depending on who you ask what it was. The more boat work consisted of new electronics, insulated fish box and ice storage, stereo system on bridge, 3 teaser set ups and updated rods and reels to give us a full spread of heavy to light trolling outfits with drop back and jigging setups as well. So we are ready for the season. We will be back there on March 16th through April 25th and have open dates during that time. We also would have open weeks May through June which is typically the best Ono fishing and great camping weather for multi-day trips. Love to talk about details or questions so please call. Jeff had some killer steelhead days while we were gone and is now goose hunting until March 10th with a few open days if you want to shoot a white fronted goose. We will know next week on the halibut season details so I will be calling to see what will work for those of you that are on the list. Or please call me as well if you would like to set up some fishing of any type.

2/20/2015 1:12:35 PM



1/22/2015 1:08:10 PM


The little rivers were good through mid-week. Jeff fished one day on the Elk for nine fish and then the next day on the Sixes expecting the same results but that was a bust. Plunkers started catching fish on the Rogue Monday late in the day and got better through the week as it dropped and got green. Jeff will fish steelhead through mid February then off to his goose guiding. Open dates for both are available. You can call Jeff on his cell at 541-698-7721 to book or talk about either. Tomorrow Karen and I are off the Kona for boat maintenance and running some charters through mid February and then back to hunt with Jeff. Next report then.




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