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Five Star Fishing Report:

8/25/2014 10:42:04 AM


We only lost two days due to weather this last week on the ocean and one of those was the Salmon Derby in the bay. So that was really pretty good. We had it all when we did go to the ocean. Flat/rough - wide open/scratchy. We even got a halibut on a tube and a salmon on a jig. Nice bonus. The bay was the same. Jeff got zipped one day then five the next. Fish are starting to go up river. A little cooler water them and they should bite. Will start going there as well when they do.

8/18/2014 10:12:10 AM


The report is a little late do to the fact of good to great ocean conditions and fishing to match. We have gone the last seven days in a row. Some of the calmest water of the year gave us the chance to fish spots for the first time and they were loaded. Some days it was Lings and all color. We even got two Halibut with others on and lost. The crabbing is still wide open also. The cay continues to produce fish. Jeff got five one day with none to three the other afternoons. Hope for more of the same next week!!!

8/4/2014 10:47:47 AM


Well, the old saying if you fish the forecast you will miss out on a lot of fishing was never more true than this last week. A kick back and fog developed and we had some of the best fishing of the year for Lingcod and colored rock fish. The area and spots where we could fish was very limited but luckily Jeff marked a big concentration of fish and it was off to the races. Even with a super fast drift the fish were spread out to make it work if you stayed on top of your gear. Big Vermilions, lots and lots of Coppers, Quills and Blacks with a Lingcod or two on each pass was the deal. We even were back to the dock an hour or hour and a half early a couple of days. The crab were on as well with only two pots to full up. It all came to a stop Sunday morning when the conditions caught up with the forecast and we were busted. A crummy forecast for the week puts us back on a big fat maybe day to day deal. We'll see what happens. The bay was fair to very good with good numbers of fish holding through Saturday. Sunday was very slow for any or all the reasons fish bite or don't. Bay Trolling!!!! We'll do some or all through the week as we can. Busy schedule - next report August 14th or 15th.




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