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Five Star Fishing Report:

3/31/2014 11:15:41 AM


Crummy wet and very windy weather kept us off the ocean and river all week. Maybe the river by Wednesday and ocean on Thursday if we're lucky. HAWAII REPORT: Should have been in Kona. Flat ocean, Tuna, Marlin, Mahi's and Ono all caught by the miltiple charter boats. Can't wait to go!

3/24/2014 10:11:28 AM


A few salmon were cught each day throughout the river. It slowed as the river dropped and cleared Saturday and Sunday. Forcasted rain through the week won't hurt particularly if it brings the river back up with color. Very little effort for steelheaed as the Elk and Sixes got quite low. There should be some red hot half pounder fishing above Foster Bar and that's always fun. I worked on the ocean boats early in the week expecting to fish trips over the weekend but north winds and now a couple of Southerlys will keep us off until next Saturday anyway. Chris Kam, the fellow who runs the boat in Kona when we are not there told be a lot of Tuina are around rith now and he had just got done landing on a little over 100lbs. (working on another boat). When I talked to him he also said the ono (whaoo) are starting to show up which is a little early but that's OK. Maybe a sign of a big run. We have had several nice conversations with old friends/customers about planning trips to Kona and look forward to working out the details so that we can be there when they are. We have some river fishing through the week and hope for a flat ocean sooner than later.

3/16/2014 1:26:00 PM


We're back from Jeff's goose guiding. It was over 20 days of hunting that started off with a great shoot and ended with a slow one and everything in between. We have been working on the ocean boats and gear and are ready to bottom fish as soon as the ocean cooperates. The Rogue River dropped into perfect condition on Friday and lots of people are fishing for salmon with a few caught as well as some nice steelhead. The salmon with improve on a daily basis and we are anxious to go as soon as we get caught up on getting ready for halibut season rigging rods/reels, new leaders/spreaders, etc. We still have some dates in June if you want to go. Call to book. I've had several nice conversations with friends/customers about the boat in Hawaii. Russ Boardman, a long time client from the mid 70's booked the oat in mid Feburary and caught a nice Striped Marlin and a MahiMahi on a pancake ocean for the first charter trip on the 'Maya Mahi'. The fishing is the best from April through Auguse for Ono(Wahoo), MahiMahi(Dorado), Spearfish, Striped and Blue Marlin and Yellow Fin Tuna. Several folks are talking about going over to fish in May and late July. Call anytime for more details even if it is just for a possible trip in the future. Next report Monday 24th.




Contact: Mark Lottis
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