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Port of Gold Beach
Fishing Schedule:
Winter Steelhead: December ~ March

Spring Salmon:
March ~ June

Fall Salmon:
July ~ October

Silver Salmon: September ~ October

May ~ June

Ocean Bottom Fishing:
Mid March ~ September





























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Five Star Fishing Report:

7/24/2017 10:19:33 AM


Hard to believe but we fished all week on the ocean and it felt really good. A flat ocean for three days was particularly nice. Limits of Lings with color was the norm. Even caught Cab's most everyday up to 15lbs. The bay was good except for one day the salmon didn't bite at all. The wind came back on Sunday and looks like it will bust us through the week so - Bay Troll Special.

7/17/2017 11:09:51 AM


We started the week with some 1st class bay trolling because the wind was screaming. Three to four salmon landed per half day with other chances. Mid week the wind stalled. Bottom fishing was unbelievably good. Jeff had people with limits with no Blacks. All color and Lings and BIG. The wind came back on Sunday so a bay troll for three salmon was the day. Never say never when fishing - a guy with me got hung up bottom fishing and in trying to get it loose I dropped the rod overboard. His buddy next to us almost had it twice with his rod but it slipped off. Minutes later the guy in the bow snagged the line and we got the rod & reel back. It didn't count against his limit!

7/10/2017 11:01:09 AM


The wind broke on Tuesday so we went on a washing machine ocean and if you could hold on to the rail and your rod at the same time you caught fish. Lots of them! It got better by the day until Sunday when the wind came back and blew us off. Bay trolling was slow early in the week but picked up and Jeff was four for five on Sunday with fish to 25lbs. We'll go and fish as we can this week with bay trolling at the very least. I failed to mention the Kona trip in the last report. Guess I was trying to forget very, very slow fishing. In six days I had three strikes with two fish and those were all in the same two hours. Only consolation was it was slow for everybody.




Contact: Mark Lottis
Toll Free: 888-301-6480
Ph: 541-247-0217
Port of Gold Beach / Gold Beach, OR 97444


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